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athletics /ath-let-iks/ n. 1. the practice of moving and being physically active

move /moov/ v. 1. change one's position  2. put or keep in motion  3. do it everyday




First class FREE - Send us a quick email when you plan on coming.


Join our community and see what Sonic Athletics Teens & Kids is all about.






Move all summer long.  Camps for ages 6-12.


Suitable for first-time students, as well as any student in our regular classes.


All camps run 5 days (Monday - Friday)




Check out the schedule and save your spot in class.


Classes are drop-in.  Come as often as you like, when you like.


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*effective Jan 15, 2017

First class FREE - Send us a quick email when you plan on coming.


High School & Middle School


Monthly Membership*


4 classes / month: $85 + tax


8 classes / month: $145 + tax


Unlimited classes : $180 + tax

Drop-in &  Punch Cards


Single session: $30 + tax


6 class package: $150 + tax


12 class package: $275 + tax

Weight Training (7th-12th grade)

School year rate: $80/month additional charge to stay for Weight Training class.  Must attend Athletics class before or after on Tuesday and Thursday.



6-9 year olds & 9-12 year olds

Monthly Membership*


4 class / month: $75 + tax


8 classes / month: $120 + tax


Unlimited classes : $150 + tax

Drop-in &  Punch Cards


Single session: $25 + tax


6 class package: $140 + tax


12 class package: $250 + tax

Rate Details:

Monthly memberships are charged automatically to your credit card on the first of the month.  We will pro-rate your first month. If you wish to attend more classes that month then your membership we will charge those at the same per class rate for the level of membership.  Missed a class? You can make-up classes up to a month later. Ask in the gym for family discounts. You can upgrade, downgrade, suspend, or terminate your membership by emailing michelle@seeyouatsonic.com.  To suspend or terminate your membership we must be notified 2 days before the end of the month


Punch cards live on your account, never expire, and can only be shared between family members. Packages are a better choice for students with irregular schedules.

Birthday Parties:

$300 for 2 hours

Available on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning

Includes 1 hour mini Sonic Class with obstacle course and games + for pizza and cake (provided by family)


How to get started


1. First class is FREE.


2. Sign our waiver.


3. Send us a quick email that you will be coming for your child's first class at michelle@seeyouatsonic.com.


4. Wear workout clothes, sneakers, and bring a full water bottle.


All classes are designed to accommodate new students.


"We don’t believe our mission is to create the next great athlete, but rather to provide longevity and durability for kids to remain physically competent and engaged for their entire lives. Our focus on teaching good movement means we increase physical literacy and instill a lifelong love of fitness that will provide a basis for a healthy life not only for them but for their children too." - Jeff Martin, Brand X Method


Sonic Athletics is about body awareness and self knowledge.


Our mission is to bring back everyday functional movement to kids lives and set them up with a foundation for lifelong health. With PE and recess time being reduced and more time spent sitting in class, cars, on the couch or the other extreme playing year round competitive sports, we seek to keep the joy in moving everyday.


Is it like an adult gym? NOT AT ALL.  Just like all sports should be Sonic is developmentally adjusted for teens and kids. We focus on physical literacy giving kids a broad and useful set of movement skills to use in all areas of life.


How do we do it? Sonic Kids combines the elements of gymnastics  and body weight exercises with cardiovascular bursts such as running, skipping, jumping and much more.  During our classes we use a combination of games, circuits and skill development.   We introduce weights in our middle and high school classes.


We strive to build an active lifestyle at a young age and we ensure that all teens and kids, regardless of their fitness level, are part of the class.


And, by making fitness fun teens and kids want to come back and build healthy habits for life.


Find out more in our FAQ section


Featured In:

"I started taking my daughter Ainsley to Sonic Kids about 2 months ago. Ainsley is 9, somewhat athletic, and she plays softball and soccer.  However, like most kids, if I don't organize athletic activities (in the winter mostly) she would do little exercise.


Michelle is a great instructor and she likes working with kids and my kids will never get bored and will always have fun."

-Kelly Buck



"Sonic is my favorite place to exercise, EVER!"  - Max, age 6


Teens and Kids move all the time and love doing it. Sonic builds on just that, giving kids their own place to be strong, have fun and build a community of friends. Becoming healthy and staying healthy is a happy byproduct of all this as well.


How do we do this? We teach them to squat, push, jump, pick up things, move like a spider and run like the wind. Getting teens and kids doing these things makes them strong, makes them agile, helps them think and builds a confidence in themselves and the things they do. We do this by teaching them new skills and building on those skills in complexity when they are ready. Teens and kids are constantly challenged and make continuous gains using a program tailored to what they are ready for.


At Sonic, everyone supports everyone else. Coaches to kids, kids to kids, no exceptions. Helping build confidence, strength in all aspects of kids lives are what we are all about. Come talk to us and see what we've seen, we are happy to share firsthand.


Find out even more in our FAQ section

“For parents who are thinking of giving their son a head start on an NFL career by signing him up for peewee football, a better idea is to help him develop into an athlete first.”

                                                                                                                  -Charles Poliquin (World renowned Strength Coach)



Sonic Athletics is located in the center of Wallingford just off 45th and easy to get to off I-5 exit 169.


4430 Corliss Ave N

Seattle WA 98103


We are the bright blue building down the driveway behind Kabul restaurant.


Please park along the street or at Uptown Espresso's (if you buy a coffee:)). We prefer no cars down our shared driveway.  It is tight back here.

Phone: (206) 745-2855

Email: sonicathletic@gmail.com

Facebook: facebook.com/sonicathleticstk


Info for all camps:

Suitable for first-time students, as well as any student in our regular classes

All camps run 5 days (Monday - Friday)




$250 for the week for 6-9 and 9-12 camp; $275 for middle school

Single days at $75 per day or 5 pack for $250 (registration for single days available 7 days before the week of camp)


6-9 year old Camp

(entering 1st grade)


This camp was a HIT last summer! Abby, a 4 week camper thought it was "AWE-E-E-E-SO-OME!"


Want your kids outside and active all summer long. This camp is a HIT for doing just that. We guarantee tired kiddos.


We will spend the first half with free time in the gym followed by a class focused on body awareness and games. After lunch we head out to a local park and PLAY, PLAY, PLAY! Some days we bring our slackline and work on balance or take out our stomp rocket and see how much power we can drive into it to hit a target out in the field. AND, Ultimate Hopscotch will definitely be back.


June 26 - June 30

July 17 - July 21







9-12 year old Camp


Do your kids want new skills that keep them strong? Sonic’s 9-12 camp gives them all the time to keep exploring cool ways to move.

This is an age when early sport specialization takes off and along with that free play and the joy of sport can go down. Our focus for this age is all-around athleticism and ample free play.


We start camp with a longer period to play on the rings, rope and pull up bars and follow that with a Sonic class focused on a different area every day (squats, pullups, running, jumping, throwing, etc.).


After lunch we head out to a park and play pickup soccer, basketball, capture the flag, flag football and even water balloon dodgeball on those sunny hot days.



July 10 - July 14

July 31 - Aug 4

Aug 7 - Aug  11


9AM - 1PM






Middle School Camp

(through entering 9th)


Are you or your middle schoolers looking for an active, challenging and FUN way to spend their summer? This is it. We'll spend the week using the gym and our urban backyard to move all day.

Camp will begin with an hour long Sonic class focused on a different area every day (squats, pullups, running, rings, intro to weights). We will spend a good amount of time working on flexibility and mobility after each class especially on the hips and shoulders. We can guarantee your kids will be more stretchy by the end of the week.


The second half of camp will have a different focus each day. Activities will include learning to be more active in everyday life by going on urban hikes, trying out new sports, guest appearances and just having an all around good time!


July 3- July 7

July 24 - July 28


9AM - 1PM

$275 * includes activity fee





Developing consistently sound mechanics takes years.  We coach Mechanics First=> Then Consistency => Finally Intensity. What does this mean?  We focus first on sound body movement and then build on that foundation by encouraging kids to come in consistently, finally we ramp intensity for those that have put in the time and are sound movers.


Super Sonics - High School

Class time 60 mins


New students will spend the majority of time working on correct movement at body weight before weight is introduced.  Our classes are scalable so new students can workout next to experienced students and each one is challenged just enough to get results and continue to progress.  We ensure that students perform bodyweight-only exercises until they are able to complete reps with correct form. Only then will they be allowed to add weight.


As body weight movements become proficient, high schoolers will start to explore weights in the lift/strength portion of the class.  This aids in bone density, builds strength and self confidence.


We begin with a dynamic warm up including agility and balance to prep for the work portion of class.  Skills in all areas (gymnastics, bodyweight, and Olympic weightlifting) continue to be worked on.  Proper technique and form must be learned before adding any weight in the weight training portion of our class.  We have specific lifting equipment for kids so small weight increases can be made.


We then work on conditioning with the workout of the day (between 5-20 minutes) and end with mobility work done as a group to increase flexibility and range of motion.


As kids advance more complex gymnastics moves will be explored including:  muscle-ups, handstand walking, handstand push-ups.



Sample High School Workout:

Weight Training 7th-12th grade

Class time 30min

In addition to Middle or High Class


What am I going to do?

The focus is going to be on the deadlift and back squat. The plan is to make progressive gains so coming regular is key for this.


When do I come?

On Tuesday and Thursday.


7/8 Graders:


First attend the 4:15pm Middle School class on Tuesday and Thursday for general conditioning and stay for the 5:15pm Weight Training class.


At the middle school level, we are introducing the fundamentals of the barbell lifts and will often begin working with PVC pipe or 15-pound bar. Movements are practiced at the lightest loads, and initially our main focus is on cementing good movement. Cementing good movement is what leads to amazing gains as middle schoolers turn into high schoolers.


9-12 Graders:


Attend the Weight Training class at 5:15pm on Tuesday and Thursday and stay at 5:45pm for the second hour for the High School general conditioning class.


At the high school level, when you first come in we work on cementing good movement. As you progress and learn to neutralize your spine and brace we begin exploring weight. Teens that have been with us for a period of time begin moving significantly heavy weight for strength gains.




Sonic Ka-Booms - Middle School

Class time 60 mins


This is a great  time to add strength-training especially if your child is in organized sports.


Again, we start with a dynamic warm up which  includes agility and balance and is specific to the daily program, we then practice a skill (planks, handstands, box jumps, hollow rocks). As body weight movements approach proficiency we will introduce a lift/strength with light loads – olympic weightlifting, squats, deadlifts and presses (they must learn proper form and technique before adding any weight). Our focus is still on correct movement ingraining the neurological pathways versus the amount of weight moved.  We have specific equipment suited to kids so very small increases in weight can be used safely.


We always finish the class with some conditioning (5-15 mins) and a game.



Sample Middle School Workout:

Sonic Booms - Ages 9-12

Class time 45 mins


This age group is all about building strength, endurance, speed, skill and confidence.


Like the other classes we start with a dynamic warm up which also includes agility and balance and is specific to the daily program, we then practice a skill (planks, handstands, box jumps, hollow rocks), we start to introduce weight exercises with a PVC and when proper form and technique is developed add dumbbells.


We always finish the class with conditioning (5-12 mins) and a game.


Sample 9-12 Workout:

Shock Waves - Ages 6-9

Class time 45 mins


During this stage, children are developing more complex coordination skills.


At this age the kids already have a general understanding of health and fitness. We focus most of our time on gymnastics and body weight moves in this age group.  We begin to explore some weight exercises with a PVC allowing them to practice and develop technique that will grow into weight bearing exercises when they are older.  Our emphasis in this group is technique never weight.


We start the class with a dynamic warm up, we then practice a skill, followed by a workout around 5-7 mins and always conclude with a team building game


Sample 5-9 Workout:








Michelle grew up off exit 9 in New Jersey. Lucky girl! She spent every waking hour outside and to this day moved to Seattle for the outdoor factor. As a young child sports were a family affair played all together. In high school she tried and fell in love with rowing making the Junior National Team and representing the USA in 1996. It was at this point that she bought her first barbell. She went on to row in college at the University of Virginia and continued to train post college at the US National Training Center. Injuries ended her team rowing career and she sees general strength and conditioning as one of the greatest tools for injury prevention in both adults and children because it is broad and general and great tool for overall health in our modern more sedentary lifestyles.  Michelle loves to get kids moving and see them have fun along the way.  She now spends most of her time with her two kids, the original Sonic kids.



CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Kids

USAW (USA Weightlifting) Sport Performance Coach

CPR and First Aid Certified

Ignite! Enrichment Through Exercise (In Progress)

International Youth Fitness (IYCA) Olympic Lifting (In progress)

Positive Coaching Alliance (In Progress)


Junior National Team Rower 1996

#1 Junior Women's 2K score in the country - 1996

Rowed at UVA 1996-2000

Senior National Team Rower 1997, 1998, 2001, 2002


Favorite Food: Steak Bites...and Nutella





Claira grew up right here in Seattle and was lucky enough to be surrounded by family who loved her and loved to move. Her dad discovered Crossfit when Claira was only 7 years old, and she was introduced to this unique and ever-changing world of movement early. She is proud to say she learned to squat well early, and anyone who has met her knows that the squat has a special place in her heart. After hopping around and playing a variety of other sports she started going to a Crossfit gym  (Jet City Crossfit) every weekend with her dad in high school. Under the careful guidance of great coaches Claira gradually became stronger and more fit while simultaneously falling in love with human movement.



CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Kids

Freestyle Connection Movement Seminar

CPR and First Aid Certified

Positive Coaching Alliance (In Progress)


CrossFit Games Open 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015


Favorite Food: Bacon....and Hot Cakes



Ted grew up in Connecticut. He was an athlete in an active family where he played a variety of organized sports from swimming to basketball, cross country to tennis and many things in between. He spent volunteer time coaching kids on the basketball and tennis courts through high school and five summers as a leader/counselor of boys ages 8 - 16 at a camp in New Hampshire renowed for it's leadership program. Ted began rowing in college and his 6'9" height served him well. CrossFit is a staple for him to keep healthy and strong today. Ted loves teaching kids and doing so in a gym where fun is paramount is icing on the cake and very exciting.



CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Kids


Rowed at UVA 1996-2000



Favorite Food: Pork Tacos...and Peppermint Stick Ice Cream



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Phone: (206) 745-2855

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Facebook: facebook.com/sonicathleticstk





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